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  • Jennifer O'Connell, LMHC

A New Service: Wellness Consultations!

I am happy to offer 90 minute wellness consultations for those who are unable to commit to ongoing therapy sessions, but still want to invest in their emotional well-being.  During our meeting we will discuss your presenting concerns, identify your strengths and supports, and brainstorm adaptive ways to manage stress and navigate your current challenges. At the end of our session, you will receive evidence-based resources to help you continue your wellness journey. This is a great opportunity to gain clarity, learn effective coping strategies, improve your self care, and cultivate your overall emotional resilience. 

I believe a lot of people could benefit from this service, but some individuals who come to mind include college students adjusting to campus life, new mothers, young professionals, and first time home owners.

This is a $90.00 service, but I am offering a discounted price of $75.00 to anyone who books a consultation in October!

To book please email me at

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