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  • Jennifer O'Connell, LMHC

Now Offering Bridal Therapy!

Really excited to start offering counseling services geared towards BRIDES TO BE! 💕

Planning a wedding is a uniquely stressful experience. Months- sometimes years of scheduling, coordinating, negotiating, and budgeting can leave brides feeling mentally, and emotionally depleted. My goal is to help prospective brides thoroughly enjoy the time leading up to their special day, reduce their wedding related stress, and improve their overall emotional health. I offer a safe, judgement-free space where brides to can process their feelings, explore their thoughts, and learn healthy coping strategies.

Common Topics Explored:

Body image concerns Self care Managing expectations Wedding day anxiety Boundary setting Relaxation training Healthy communication Feelings of guilt Comparison trap Missing cherished loved ones. People pleasing behaviors Leaving family of origin

Counseling can benefit everyone, but can be extremely helpful for caretaker brides, brides coping with the loss of a loved one, brides with chronic illness, brides suffering from anxiety, and brides with demanding schedules.

These prepaid packages do not expire, which is perfect for brides who want support throughout their entire engagement.

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